Intervention and activities

Through various consultations and activities, L'Émergence accompanies and supports women, whether or not they are staying in our residences.

Phone consultations

A sympathetic ear and personalised help on the other end of the phone, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Specialised consultations during the stay

Individual meetings with a designated counsellor to develop and implement a personalised intervention plan. Group meetings to break the isolation, exchange ideas and maintain a harmonious living environment. Themes addressed: post-separation male intimate partner violence, safety, mutual aid, solidarity and female empowerment.

Post-stay specialised consultations

Personal follow-up (weekly or as needed) with a designated counsellor to continue the work started during the stay.

Specialised outpatient consultations (non-residential women and their children)

Personal meetings (weekly or as needed) with a designated worker to develop and implement an intervention plan that respects the situation of the women and their children.

Consolidation of the mother-child relationship 

Support offered to mothers, whether or not they are staying with us, to help them exercise their role as parents.

Coaching to help women as they reorganise their lives

Specialised assistance offered to women residing at Mary Grace House as they go through the process of reorganising their lives after a separation.

Childcare services 

Supervision of children by a caregiver while the mothers are absent for medical or legal procedures.

Group activities

Group meetings on themes related to male intimate partner violence, mutual support, solidarity and female empowerment.

Recreational activities

Diverse activities for women and children whether or not they are staying at the shelter: themed meals, craft and art workshops and cultural outings.