Are you concerned that a woman you know may be a victim of violence? Showing kindness, asking questions and listening without judging can make a difference.

Who is the abused woman?

The abused woman does not correspond to a typical profile. She may be:

  • your daughter;
  • your sister;
  • your aunt;
  • your friend;
  • your neighbour; or
  • your colleague at work.

Why doesn’t she talk about it?

Women suffering from violence are discreet and don’t want to reveal it because they fear:

  • being judged;
  • not being believed;
  • jeopardising her safety and that of her children.

How to help?

Male intimate partner violence is everyone’s problem. If you believe that a woman you know is a victim of intimate partner violence:

  • open the discussion in a caring way;
  • ask questions;
  • listen to what she has to say without judgement. Listening sensitively can make all the difference and save lives.

Are you worried about a friend or relative? Do not hesitate to contact us.

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